Miljul is a Hindi word, typically used as ‘miljul kar rehna’ (hang out together). As we want to build collaboration solutions for personal and work life scenarios, with live video calling as the centerpiece, ‘miljul’ sounded apt.
WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an API definition drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without the need of either internal or external plugins.
The camera lens on top indicates video. The dots of i and j in MILJUL are connected to form a smiley, symbolizing easy, interpersonal communication.
• Create a room: Enter your name, email ID, and click on ‘Open Room’. Miljul will take your consent to access the camera and microphone, and create a room for you with a randomly generated meeting room link. You should be able to see yourself on the screen now.
• Invite friends: E-mail the link to the room by clicking on ‘Send mail from Miljul’ and entering the mail ID/s of the person/s you want to talk to OR use ‘Send mail from your inbox’ to auto open your e-mail client. You can also use ‘Copy Link’ to copy the URL and share it with your friends.
• Start talking: Your invitees just need open the link, enter their name and click on ‘Join Room’. You are in a Miljul now!
Check the browser you are using. Internet Explorer currently does not support Web RTC fully. To get the best experience of Miljul, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Opera.
To do a video chat/conference, you need a webcam, speakers and microphone in your laptop/desktop. Before clicking on ‘Open Room’, make sure that your webcam and audio devices are on. Click “Allow” to let Miljul to use your webcam and microphone
:) It happens!
If you are in Chrome, go to Settings/Privacy (found in Advanced Settings)/Content Settings/Media/Manage Exceptions. You will find the list of apps/sites that you have allowed or blocked access your camera and microphone. Remove ‘’ from that list. Refresh the browser and try again. Click on ‘Allow’ this time!
By default, the volume icon on your self-video would be in ‘mute’ to ensure echo cancellation. If you are hearing an echo, check and mute the volume icon on your self-video.
The quality of the video and audio is determined by the quality of your Internet connection, your web cam and audio on your computer. For best experience, stay connected through broadband/3G, and use a modern webcam.
Let’s blame the browser :)
Just refresh the page, if End Call is not working. Usually this is due to your browser settings.
When you create a room, you create a permanent link to a video call. Copy the URL and paste it in your meeting invite. You can also use your default mail client’s calendar functionality when you are inviting via ‘Send mail from your inbox.’
Keep open the document/screen you want to share. Click on ‘Share Screen’ and choose the screen you wish to share. Please note that currently Firefox and Opera are not supporting screen sharing. For best screen share experience, use Chrome.
Miljul is powered by WebRTC, which helps establish peer to peer connections that are encrypted at the packet level, and the communication is done via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Miljul will only establish the connection between you and your friends, and the communication is directly between the systems or devices of the users. In other words, the communication is completely private and secure (wire-tap proof).
Every time you create a room, Miljul creates a unique link. Only people who have received that link from you will be able to join your room. If the link is shared with someone inadvertently or on social media, whoever has the link can join your room. If you realize the link has been shared with others, simply leave the room, and create another room
Miljul currently allows four users to be in a room simultaneously. We could have made it eight users, but feel that screen real estate on a typical desktop/laptop/tablet PC would at best allow four video blocks of reasonable size.
For enterprises or institutions, if you need a solution that allows eight or even more people into a room, please let us know, and we will be happy to deliver a custom designed MIljul experience for your company or customers. Go to ‘Miljul for Business’ for more info.
Besides ensuring that the rest are listening when someone is talking, you can mute the mic and/or video of the others in the video conference.
You have come to the right place. Miljul is focused on creating tangible business impact. Check out ‘Miljul for Business’ for more info and ‘Contact Us’. We will be happy to talk to you about your unique requirements.
Fantastic! Yes, we are hiring. You can drop us a note through ‘Contact Us’, or send a private message on our Facebook page.